Upgrading Cisco IOS version

I wanted to upgrade the IOS on my Cisco WS-C2970G-24T-E switch. I used tftpd64 to create an FTP server on my Windows 7 machine and put my new IOS binary file there.

On the switch I checked my current IOS version

switch# show version
<— version information —>
… 12.2(25)SEC2 …

I also checked that I have enough space on the switch itself.

switch# show flash:

It has 9MB left so the 6MB binary file was good to transfer over.

switch# copy tftp: flash:

It asked me for an address and filenames which I provided. The transfer took some time but eventually it was complete. I checked that the file truly was there.

switch# show flash:

I checked my current boot options.

switch# show boot

And then updated the boot options to the new IOS image.

switch# configure terminal
switch(config)# boot system flash:<name of the IOS image>

I checked the boot options again.

switch(config)# exit
switch# show boot

And I saw the boot image had changed. I saved the config and reloaded the switch.

switch# copy run start
switch# reload

After it booted up, I checked it with the same command that I used at the start and it had the new image running.

switch# show version
<— version information —>
… 12.2(44)SE3 …

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